Shopping Fees

Shopping fees are calculated by item so as not to penalize our customers on price.

1-10 items = $15
11-20 items = $20
21-50 items = $30
51-75 items = $50
76-100 items = $60
100-150 items = $80
151-200 items = $100



Regular Customers

Regular customers may order once a week, every other week, once a month or anything in between. There are no membership fees or binding contracts. Together we decide on a day and time for delivery, you pick a store (Publix, Target, Winn-Dixie, Richards Foodporium, Jai Jai, Far East Market, etc.) and then give us your list.

Meal Planning and Shopping

Is planning meals and creating a list too much to think about? We can create a meal plan and a shopping list for you for just $5! We then shop at one grocery store of your choice and deliver at a pre-scheduled date and time to your home or office.

Friday Flagler Beach Farmer’s Market

We will shop at the Friday Flagler Beach Farmer's Market for you too! The Farmer's Market has delicious and local fresh produce and dairy products available weekly. All regular shopping fees apply.

Flagler Beach Farmer's Market

Additional Stores & Stops

Add an extra store or stop to our trip for just $5 more.


We charge an additional $5 for self-bagging store's like Aldi's.

Vacation Stock Up

We coordinate with your vacation rental company and stock your kitchen for you before you arrive, barring any complications with prior tenant departure or cleaning schedule conflicts. You just let us know you vacation dates and rental info, give us a list and we take care of the rest. This service is an additional $25.